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Why DPi?

  • The most advanced layout and production software for narrow webs
  • Built in the USA, delivering the highest quality at a competitive price
  • Designed with future expansion of print width and portability in mind
  • DPi’s Layout & production software was designed with 25+ years of input from customer’s prepress & press operators
  • Installation and tech support personnel are experts in narrow web
  • Reduce waste and eliminate costly mistakes with our revolutionary press make-ready tools

Hawk 600v Benefits 

        • Highest resolution in the industry
        • Full control of drop sizes, resolution and bar code tuning
        • Ideal to completely cover 13” or 17” web widths

With Kyocera’s advanced print head technology it delivers 600 dpi and is expandable from 4.25” to over 17” in a single head. Improve the quality of small text and barcodes by adjusting drop size.

Hawk 400v Benefits

        • Cover multiple lanes of print at an economical price
        • Ideal to completely cover a 10” or 20” web width
        • Most economical 2.5” wide UV variable system on the market

With Dimatix’s newest Spectra print head at 400 dpi resolution, the system is expandable from 2.5” to over 15” wide in a single print head.  It can be configured with one head to cover the entire width of your web or multiple 2.5” heads covering specific print lanes.

Watch Video of Hawk 400v in action.